You want to charge me for posting paper bills?

Haydn Sallmann
How going paperless will save you money in the long-run.

Digital disruption of traditional business models across Australia and worldwide has never been more prominent.

The music, video rental, transport and accommodation industries have been seriously impacted.

One of the first disruptors in the internet age was the arrival of email, which has been death by a thousand cuts for the traditional mail system.

Statistics show that Australia Post’s mail service has been declining by five per cent each year since 2008, as customers move from the physical world to the digital.

As a result, Australia Post has gradually raised the cost of traditional mail with stamp costs reaching $1 in January 2016 – up from 70 cents previously.

Large corporates have moved swiftly to pass on these increased costs by charging customers for paper bills.

Energy Australia, for example, has announced that both electricity and gas bills received in the post will result in customers incurring a $1.69 fee per bill – or the equivalent of an extra $6.76 per year for households to receive their quarterly bills.

Imagine that figure multiplied by several bills.

The truth is, large billers like energy and water utilities have been waiting for years for the justification to stop sending physical bills. The process of printing, packaging and posting bills, across decades, represents tens of millions of dollars spent on this.

Email has brought optimisation to their business model and these companies welcome the drive of consumers opting to go paperless.

The good news is there are even more compelling reasons to ditch the paper bills:

1) It’s environmentally friendly;

2) Searching an email inbox is much easier than trying to locate traditional paper files, and;

3) It’s more organised.

Going paperless will also mean the eventual extinction of the overflowing bills in-tray at home or in the office.

If you’re interested in switching to the ‘digital bill in-tray’ check out

Haydn Sallmann
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