Mobile simplicity the new customer experience standard

Haydn Sallmann
Consumers want to be in control of their data, services and products on their smartphones.

For service companies in the 1990s customer service centred around the call centre.

The standard became whether your call could be answered within a few minutes, which was then directed to a person that could help you and have your call triaged correctly.

If all went smoothly you would only need to invest minutes of your time, rather than hours that was common with Telstra and Qantas call queues – let's face it, it rarely worked.

Customer service is transitioning again thanks to the self-service economy with customer experience at the forefront of this change.

Consumers want to be in control of their data, services and products.

Empowerment is now everywhere and thanks to social media, everyone has a voice.

Today, the thing you carry in your pocket – your smartphone – is becoming the new customer service standard and guess what, it's self-service if done right.

The challenge for big corporates is that they are stuck with the old processes, systems and expectations, while, the new breed of local and global digital disrupters are picking them off, industry by industry.

When is comes to bills, for example, the days of the call centre are drawing to a close and the rise of the mobile first customer experience is taking over.

If you want to see what this looks like go to and download the beta app that will be out soon.

Haydn Sallmann
Billin Founder and CEO

Driving digital transformation with our clients through cloud, mobile and IoT.

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