The art of decision making

Haydn Sallmann
In personal finance arm yourself with the tools and knowledge.

A decision – 'a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration' – is an underrated skill. 

When you consider it's 'the action or process of deciding something', it becomes very important in your personal finances and your business life.

I’ve always said that the quality of life you live had a direct correlation to the outcomes of the decisions you make.

From deciding what to wear that day, to how you’ll get to work or even whether you will get to work.

I'm fascinated by people who spend much of their lives making decisions for themselves and blaming the outcomes on everyone – except themselves.

Finances are no different. Every dollar you spend, every asset you buy and every item you indulge in determines your financial viability.

Like it or not you are in control of your own destiny, the dollars won’t lie.

It's true that money doesn't buy you happiness but being financially viable does everything for your confidence and empowerment.

Look back on your life and there's always a couple of decisions you may have made differently, possibly made under duress, under stress or through a lack of clarity.

The best thing you can do is to look into your motivations for making certain decisions and begin to understand what has brought you to this point.

In personal finance you should arm yourself with the tools and knowledge that will help you decide.

There are books, podcasts, apps and websites that will feed your considerations and hopefully make way for the right decision to be made.

So, things like switching electricity companies and refinancing your mortgage can dramatically impact your well being.

If you're looking for help with your bills check out or download the Beta app from the Apple App Store.

Haydn Sallmann
Billin Founder and CEO

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