Bills will be bills

Haydn Sallmann
Why you should start managing your finances now before they snowball.

I’ve always wondered why such emphasis is given to subjects like biology, history and music at school when the glaring omission from the school syllabus is personal finance.

School is meant to set you up with an education, education is meant to help you get to university and university should land you a job.

But what happens when you get a job and you’re earning money? Who teaches you what to do with it?

When you consider the things that truly affect your quality of life, history, biology and music come a distant second to your finances.

There is a misconception that someone’s wage determines how you get on in life, but there are many examples of people with relatively small wages making their disposable income work for them.

I’ll never forget what it felt like to move out of home for the first time; the most memorable aspect was when the bills started to roll in. Rent, electricity, gas, internet…and then couple this with vehicle expenses like registration and insurance.

Looking back over the last 10 years the bills and expenses have been exponential, they have snowballed – the more I’ve earned the more bills there have been.

There are those that say money doesn’t bring you happiness, which may be true, but one thing is for certain, that a lack of money does bring some anxiety to your life – living pay cheque to pay cheque is no way to live.

But, taking an interest in finances is the first step and once you’ve mastered one aspect of your finances you can naturally move to the next.

Start with optimising your bills and the next thing you know you’ll be maximising your cash flow, spreading your investments, setting up a family trust and minimising your tax liability.

Haydn Sallmann
Billin Founder and CEO

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