Breaking up with Direct Debits

Haydn Sallmann
Its time to assess your relationship with direct debit payments

The Definition of social norms is "an expected form of behaviour in a given situation". When I think about past norms like race segregation on transport, not allowing women to vote and bans on Sunday trading, it makes me wonder what next? The internet has changed a lot of these norms.

People now think of privacy differently because Facebook invented the online share culture. Online dating is no longer seen as desperate and is generally accepted, and in fact encouraged for those struggling to Mr or Mrs right. Banking online is now the predominant banking method and now mobile banking is rapidly taking over.

When it comes to paying bills, direct debits are a social norm that needs to change. Not only are you paying with cash thereby affecting your cash flow, you're also missing out on frequent flier miles offered by paying with a credit card. Its a payment method designed to favour large corporates; you give them authorisation to withdraw money from your account when they need it, making it a very one sided transaction.

Sure you avoid late fees, but more often than not you're being incorrectly charged. Having worked at and with big corporates, I can guarantee you that billing errors happen all too often so it 'pays' to validate it.

At Billin we say consumers should start assessing their relationship with direct debit payments, its time to break up.

We want to equip the consumer with the information they need to make an informed decision about when they pay their bills - including cash availability, avoiding the impact of not paying like late fees and whether you can get away with paying bills after the due date.

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Haydn Sallmann
Billin Founder and CEO

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