Introducing the Billin Beta

Billin allows you to manage all your bills simply, saving you time and money.

This week marked the start of an exciting journey towards automating the processing, management and payment of your bills.

The Billin Beta was released to the iOS Apple App Store, offering you a simple bill management service.

The current app supports Apple iOS and Gmail authentication and allows you to load photos of your paper and PDF bills into the Billin dashboard, so you can see all your bills in one place.

We've also enabled local notifications so you'll get a push notification 24-hours before the bill needs to be paid.

Once you've paid the bill you can swipe left and mark it as paid and it will appear in your bill history for future reference.

A couple of tips and tricks before you get started:

- To improve the quality of your loaded bill you can use a scanning app like CamScanner to generate PDF quality bills;

- Update your personal details and turn on notifications to enable the bill payment push notification;

- Load as many bills as you have because we'll save them for you to be used later, for example, around tax time; and

- Sign up to our blog through the Billin website to keep in touch and provide feedback to help us improve our service.

We hope you enjoy being in control of your bills in one place – making time for the important things in life.

Check out to register and engage with us on social media for feedback.

Simple Bills

Billin is a bill management service that gives you an overview of all your bills in one place, putting you in control of your finances and saving you money by notifying you when they need to be paid.

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