Treat yourself as a business

Haydn Sallmann
In today’s modern workforce, be a business, there's no other way

Australia's workforce is growing with a record 11.9 million Aussies employed, recent research revealed. On the surface this looks great for the economy but just 8.2 million of these workers or 68.94% are in full time employment, which is the lowest level of record.

The combination of flexible working arrangements, corporate mobility, greater access to corporate systems and globalisation is driving society to increased
levels of part time employment.

Further to that, it is now generally accepted that wearing suits or formal attire in the office is so 1990's, along with desk ownership, with 'hot desking' policies taking over most work places.

The theme I have always lived by is 'you must work to live, not live to work'. I've always believed in treating yourself as an independent consult or expert in your field and accept that jobs will come and go, each one acting as a launching pad for the next.

These days, people having a 40 year career at the same bank, law firm or consultancy are over this trend being replaced by new look workplaces supporting job swaps, work from home and job mobility.

Something I learned early in my career was that you should never get your career confused with your business. A career is the story told by the jobs that you've had and the skills and experience you have built along the way.

Your business is what you decide to do with your money earned from your career - this could be investing in property or shares, a small business or collecting rare stones. If they are appreciating assets and contribute to your net worth, then that's your business. I take this concept so seriously I have set myself up like a business with a family trust and I run all my finances through an accounting system that tracks my outgoings and incomings.

So in a world where jobs will come and go and life circumstances can change so quickly, set yourself up with a successful career but don't let it define you and don't let it become your only source of income. Think about what kind of business you could be and get started today.

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Haydn Sallmann
Billin Founder and CEO

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